Happy Bike Month 2013


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Well it appears I started this blog just in time for Bike Month 2013.

While I start to really immerse myself into the true bike culture of the city – this article helps sum up all the current happenings in Toronto: Global News – Toronto Kicks Off Bike Month.

And it’s a sad state of affairs. It’s like our Mayor is smoking crack when he opposes anything and everything bike related. He hears bike and seems to think “complete waste of money”. This video sums up his a wonderful, well-educated point of view *note sarcasm* from Mayor Ford: 

Davenport MPP (my riding!), Jonah Schein, makes a statement saying ‘Ontario is dragging its feet, while Quebec has invested hundreds of millions in a provincial bike network’. And it looks like Montreal is ‘North America’s premiere bicycle city’ according to The Copenhagenize Report.

I’m not considering myself an expert on how to improve bike lanes in our city. Other than one obvious strategic approach – let’s get a new Mayor. But I’m looking forward to investigating more. Ideally I’d like to meet with Jonah Schein as well as a TO politician who’s views are more related to Rob’s but not as fanatical (I don’t handle bigotry well).

Stay posted and keep reading.

As for my goals for Bike Month 2013:

  • Go to at least 2 Bike Month Events
  • Get a bike tune-up (ideally at one of the free tune-ups!)
  • Get a very good, bright front light
  • Help get my good friend from Fresh Intentions more comfortable with riding in the city
  • Reach out to Jonah Schein to see if he’d like to meet to discuss the politics behind biking

Until next time, bike safely!


Welcome to Life in the Bike Lane!

A little bit about my bike . . . 

For my first post, I want to share the story about my bike.

Papa's Bicycle

Papa’s Bicycle

It’s a very special bike because it was my Grandpa’s. My Grandpa passed away from cancer a year and a half ago, but he was a true fighter (he was Irish after all). He had cancer for 15 years and the doctors told us numerous times he only had a week to live.

But Grandpa wouldn’t have it. He beat the odds over and over again. And I truly believe it was partly because he biked everywhere to stay in shape and in good spirits.

One gorgeous sunny day, he was hit by a car. Very luckily he came out with only a few bruises but, of course, really shaken up. After the hit, he didn’t ride his bike ever again.

So now I have it and I’m bound and determined to take it on as many adventures I can because that’s the way my Grandpa would have wanted it. Especially if it means his granddaughter would also get the same long lasting benefits of cycling everywhere.

I'm sure the Guinness and scotch kept him fighting too. Cheers to you!

I’m sure the Guinness and scotch kept him fighting too. Cheers to you!

I’m looking forward to writing about my journeys and also talking about the various issues of biking. The driver who hit my Grandpa didn’t stop after he knocked him off the bike. That’s mind boggling. But the way some cyclists ride is also mind boggling.

While this will be a fun and light-hearted bike blog, it will also be a place to discuss the shortcomings of biking in the city and beyond.