My bike is falling apart…

My chain keeps coming off. My gears are loose. My back brake isn’t working. And my back tire is fraying.


My back tire has been wobbly for the last few weeks. But I’ve been ignoring the wobble until a fellow cyclist rode up beside me and told me I better get my tire looked at ASAP.

So I finally took it to MEC last night. Because my tires are so friggin’ fat on my cruiser, it’s going to cost a lot to get a new one.

Now as cool as my bike looks, my grandpa bought it from Canadian Tire … i.e. it was a Canadian Tire special. The cost to fix up this bike is almost the cost he would have paid to buy it new. So I’m torn here.

I think I have three options:

Fork out the money on this bike (since it’s pretty damn special)?

My Schwinn!

My Schwinn!

Fix up my old bike? (It breaks down often too, but always cheaper to fix)

My old bike!

My old bike!

Or invest in a brand new one (like an Electra!)?

Beautiful Electra

Beautiful Electra

Tough decisions … but I need to make one soon since my current bike is fairly unsafe.

Maybe I should keep my eye out for end of summer bike sales?!


One thought on “My bike is falling apart…

  1. Too bad you don’t live in Chicago — my partner is kind of obsessed of bike wheels and would be able to help out!

    So… my vote, then, is new bike now. And fix up the others so you have three!!!!

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