Toronto Police paying more attention to e-bikes

Not a pedal bike, not a scooter and definitely not a motorcycle, e-bikes seem to be causing some confusion about how this new form of transportation should be regulated.

Currently in Toronto, here are some key rules for e-bikes:

  • You have to be 16 years old to drive one
  • You can’t ride in bike lanes
  • You have to wear a helmet

But unlike scooters, e-bikes don’t require a licence or insurance.

Unfortunately for e-bike riders, I don’t think a lot of people like them. For drivers, they are slow in their lanes (they can only go a max of 32 km/h). For cyclists, it’s frustrating when they end up in your bike lanes because it’s illegal and could be dangerous.

CBC featured an interesting video on e-bikes yesterday, showing that some are completely unaware about the rules of the road. Watch it here.

For the most part, I think e-bikes are stuck in this weird place, and both cyclists and drivers are frustrated by them.

If you ride an e-bike, I’d love to hear from you and learn more about your perspective.


2 thoughts on “Toronto Police paying more attention to e-bikes

  1. I saw the CBC story yesterday and encountered an e-bike today while driving. It was annoying because the driver was just driving in my lane like a car, nothing like a bicycle that can ride beside you, and was going super slow. I also don’t think you should be able to operate anything motorized without a license or insurance. It’s just not safe in my opinion. On the flip side, I like that they are an eco-friendly way to get around. Like many things in this city, they were thrust upon us before much thought or planning went into the idea. Hopefully we’ll catch up.

  2. as a school crossing guard on a major Toronto street I can safely say that generally cars,motorcycles and e-bike riders generally stop at red lights,90 % plus i’d say.The only things on the road that DON’T follow the rules are bike riders……less than 50% probably.I find it hilarious that those are the people that don’t want to share the bike lanes with e-bikes.

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