Help me pick a new helmet!

My good friend did a little research for me the other day.

He went down to Lakeshore on a Wednesday morning at 8:30 a.m. between Spadina & Colborne Lodge to get a read on how many Torontonians were wearing helmets. I thought his findings were actually pretty good!

  • 81 people passed him on bikes
  • 65 of them were wearing helmets
  • 16 were not wearing helmets
  • 7 of those not wearing were women in business attire
  • 2 had helmets strapped to their bikes (weird)

The percentage of people wearing helmets was actually quite high! So I was happy when he reported these findings.

Now I have to admit something … I’ve been like those 7 women in business attire not wearing helmets, because I lost it (either at a friends or at the bar) about a week and a half ago. As I mentioned in my previous blog, I’m clearly being an idiot. So it’s time I get a new helmet and I’d like you to help me pick one!

Here’s 3 helmets I like:

Nutcase - Got Luck?

Nutcase – Got Luck?

Nutcase – Got Luck?

I particularly love this one because it has a four leaf clover on the top! Since my bike is my Irish Grandpa’s old bike, I think this one could be a winner? After all, you need a lot of luck riding around those streets. Price $69.95.

Pro-Tec Satin Gumball Blue

Pro-Tec Satin Gumball Blue

Pro-Tec Satin Gumball Blue

Recently I’ve been admiring Pro-Tec helmets. I checked out their site and found this nice Gumball Blue! Another good option. Price $79.95.

Bell Faction Helmet

Bell Faction Helmet

Bell Faction Helmet

This is very similar to my last helmet but I think this time I’d go with a dark colour because white helmets get dirty very quickly. I’m mostly a fan of the price. Price $49.99.

Let me know which one you think would be best! Or please share another brand/helmet that you’d like to suggest.


8 thoughts on “Help me pick a new helmet!

  1. I think you’d look especially bright and beautiful in the gumball blue one. And traffic would see you!

  2. Oh, hard decision! Four-leaf clover on the bean? Not a bad idea. Then again Gumball Blue is so well-named and gets points for visibility. The mean-looking black one? Who would dare to knock you off your bike. If I have to choose it’s the Gumball.

  3. Luving the gumball!

  4. Nutcase! It suits you. 🙂

  5. I think the nutcase! especially since it has some sentimental value to it. And I think you would totally rock that helmet! Would love to hear which one you end up getting!

  6. Go for the nutcase! The black one is stylish but lacks visibility at night. Try them on and make sure they fit your cranium! I had to get a helmet made specifically for women – it’s more narrow & therefore snug.

  7. Cool helmets, very stylish! It sounds like you like the nutcase one the best, especially because of the theme it has. I love that gumball blue, it’s my favorite color so that would stood out to me, of course.

    You could also look into bike manufacturers and their helmets. I have a Specialized helmet. But, I really want a Lazer helmet because they have a special design that has room for a higher ponytail than most helmets.

    Good luck!

  8. Thanks everyone! I’ll be sure to post a pic of my new fancy head gear.

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